My name is Ariel Schupp; I'm a Graphic Designer/Illustrator with vast experience in branding, editorial design and sequential storytelling, and I enjoy working in challenging new projects!
Whether you are an established company looking for exiciting new ways to communicate, or you are an entrepeneur who wants to put your business on the map, I have the skills to make your project succeed!





About me
Since I was a kid I've been in love with drawing. My first memories were of copying Superman comics using printer paper and crayons, and I haven't stopped drawing ever since.


After a stint at different careers (Law, really?), I embraced my love for visual communication and creating new forms and enrolled to study Graphic Design at Universidad Caece.


There I learned to love typography, designing grid systems and layouts and to creatively tackle many problems with the tools I have available, and to develop those I don't have. I never stopped drawing and I never will, but now I have extense knowledge in many other areas of visual communication, and they are at your service.


  • 2020   ·   Took part in EPAH! (Encuentro de Publicaciones Autogestivas de Historieta - the most coveted small press convention in Buenos Aires Province) for the second year in a row.
  • 2019   ·   Artidoro Rodríguez Coffee reached the largest stores in Perú, in part due to the attractive design of their packaging.
  • 2018   ·   Completed my first half-marathon!
  • 2017   ·   Graduated from Universidad Caece with a Bachelor's Degree.
  • 2017   ·   Started to work full-time as a freelance graphic designer.
  • 2013   ·   Featured artist in MICA 2013, a yearly event organized by the Argentine Secretariat of Culture and the Ministry of Industry, to promote the Cultural Industries from Argentina.
  • 2011   ·   Featured in the ComicsAlliance website as one of the creators of the "Best Art Ever! (This week)" for the week of February 10th, 2011.